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Denstply Cerona

The Sirona Orthophos CBCT Scanner is shown below in the picture.  This device is essentially a CAT scan for dentistry without the excessive radiation of a CAT scan.  The normal exposure from the CBCT scan is roughly 1/3 the exposure of a traditional full mouth series of dental x-ray, yet it provides much more information.  It creates a 3-D image of the oral cavity and allows Dr. Finch to see sinus, nerve canals and find pathology traditional dental X-rays can’t.  It allows Dr. Finch and his staff to plan the exact size implant required for a space and then place it safely while avoiding critical landmarks such as nerves and sinuses. 

This new technology allows Dr. Finch to take 3D CAT scans of the entire mouth at 1/3 the exposure of a traditional full set of xrays!  This device also lets us discover previously unseen pathology and critical anatomical landmarks such as sinuses and nerve canals which allows us to place implants and perform surgeries with dramatically reduced risk of damaging these things.  This device can automatically adapt to the patient‘s individual anatomical features, ensuring that the entire jaw is always in the sharp layer. 

Dr. Finch has developed an appreciation for the latest in Dental Technologies and skills at his previous job in New York as the Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions and Student Affairs at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine.  He was very fortunate to have access to these amazing technologies and techniques as he taught future dentists and treated patients in his faculty practice.

Dr. Finch tries to balance all this technology out with his warm southern hospitality and a strong commitment to putting patients first.  Which can be seen in the fact that my cell phone is on the office message and I’m always there for my patients.

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